22nd November 2016
The Swing Guy on Hip Turn

The Swing Guy on Hip Turn   How we turn with our lower body can have such a dramatic effect on the shots we hit. More so, the better the lower body moves the more potential for both distance and accuracy. We see the best ballstrikers in the world regularly display the best lower body moves. From Rory Mcilroy, Dustin Johnson and Adam Scott, to name a few we see great wind ups and then great unwinds, which see them leading the ballstriking categories on tour consistently each year.   For so many of us though, attaining such a turn is probably beyond our reach, unless we are still a teenager or have no job to go to. But, with


22nd November 2016
Why Henrik Stenson’s Golf Clubs Are Smart

Why Henrik Stenson’s Golf Clubs Are Smart   When I look at Henrik Stenson’s golf game, here is what I see. There are the obvious things, like he is a big strong guy who is a great ball striker, he makes very little mistakes and when he plays well his game looks almost robotic. But what I also see is a very smart set of golf clubs that allow him to play a really good kind of conservative aggressive golf.   Starting with that famous 3 wood that he uses so often and so well. This club almost replaces Henrik’s driver to some extent, and given his well documented struggles with the driver some years back its no surprise. Technically


5th November 2016
How Justin Thomas Can Help Us All

  Justin Thomas is pound for pound one of the longest hitters on tour. Not only that, he is a 23-year-old with 2 PGA tour wins and about $8 million in prize money, so not only does the kid hit it a mile he can flat out play as well. And so of course, there is a lot that we can learn from him.   So before I tell you how to become more like Justin Thomas and how it can help your ball striking, I want to remind you of all the potential things that he has that you do not. Starting with the obvious ones, like youth, strength, flexibility and no day job, he also has all the


10th October 2016
The Easiest Way to Make a Change

When it comes to actual change and being able to improve a lot of us just don’t have the time. We have been doing what we have been doing for so long that to change it could take us months and even years. The habits we have in our golf swings are very well trained in, so well trained that we may not even want them to change to quickly or else we may not be able to use said changes when it matters most. There is one thing that we can change that may allow us to improve our golf swings at the right pace, without having to hit bucket after bucket of range balls. What I am talking


5th October 2016
What We Can Learn From The US Ryder Cup Team

What we can learn from the US Ryder Cup team   In this year’s Ryder Cup it was the United States team who came into the contest with the stronger side. Leaving out the world no.7 Bubba Watson showed the depth of quality players they had, and also they had much more experience in Ryder Cups amongst their team members. During the contest, the players on the US team were just that ‘players’. That meaning that the art of the game is anything but lost on them. They were a team of great competitors, great scramblers, good putters and maybe most importantly a team of vastly different golf swings. This team knew how to play exceptional golf, but also knew


19th August 2016
How Modern Equipment Is Hurting Technique

With all the advances in club technology, there is one thing that remains somewhat unnoticed, and that is for the average golfer modern day technology is teaching them some poor habits in their golf swings. With clubs today being generally lighter and having larger sweet spots, these clubs no longer require an efficient golf swing to create a decent golf shot. Old technology taught us to use the weight of the club to make our golf swings more efficient.   Even the ball back in the day very much needed to be compressed to have any chance at gaining distance, centre strikes were a must with anything less being highly penalised and the weight of the club needed to be


31st July 2016
What Is Great Rhythm

As the PGA championship slowly comes to a close, with Jimmy Walker still out in front, and all the pressure that comes with trying to win a Major Championship, I wanted to discuss rhythm. Jimmy Walker has some of the best rhythm on the PGA tour but also is a prime example of a player that relies heavily on rhythm during his golf swing. The technicalities I won’t discuss now, except that he uses his hands to square the face at impact a lot more then most of the top players, hence the need for good rhythm. Firstly, there is one big myth for when it comes to creating good rhythm, and that is to swing easy. Lots of amateurs


28th July 2016
How To Get More Club Head Speed

I think that most will agree that hitting the golf ball farther makes the game easier. Of course it doesn’t guarantee accuracy, but being able to play a 3 wood when your competitors need a driver, helps, just ask Henrik Stenson. So what I am writing about here is a product from Super Speed Golf, which is still relatively new, which I believe is the most effective way to gain club head speed, which means more distance. I am not however going to write about the science behind the product, you can find that on their website, but what I am going to write about is the potential benefits of this product from a golf instructor’s point of view. I


29th June 2016
What we can learn from DJ

Dustin Johnson has just shown us all yet again what can be achieved when you master a hook backswing with a slice downswing. It sounds odd when put in those terms, but like so many great ball strikers before, Dustin has a backswing that is not considered conventional, but encourages him to make a…


28th June 2016
A Clearer Perspective on Chipping

One of the most important things we need to become a very good chipper is to have a great perspective. The ability to appreciate how demanding a lot of chip shots may be. No other shot that you will play in a round allows the lie to determine how you think, your expectations and how you’ll play the ball like a chip…


23rd June 2016
The Swing Guy – a lesson to begin

Whether you are just starting out or you are already an advanced player, getting your fundamentals right is extremely important. The best analogy I’ve heard for poor fundamentals goes something like this.

Having poor fundamentals in your golf swing is…



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