27th March 2017
What the World Match Play Final Showed Us

There is something in the swings of PGA tour players that is slowly starting to trend in a very obvious way. It has also started to gain a lot of attention in teaching circles all over the world. And now, after seeing Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm playing the world match play final, and be arguably the two hottest players in the world right now, I thought I would weigh in on my thoughts about it. And most importantly how it works and how it may help the average golfer.   What I am talking about is the very obvious wrist position that both Dustin and Rahm share, what is commonly known as a bowed left or lead wrist.  


15th March 2017
Lesson Exert On The Start To Better Ballstriking

The following is something I wrote for one of my lessons and thought it might be worth sharing.   The way I teach is that in almost all cases a player should get to a point where they can draw the ball consistently (starting outside target line). If you are a fader of the ball, which you may be, please hear me out on this.   The journey to better ball striking starts with a draw because we swing the club around our bodies and so it only makes sense that the club will come from inside the ball and have a rate of closure through impact that creates a draw pattern. We see the majority of professionals often playing



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