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Jung-han Wang One To Watch

Jeung-hun Wang just won the Qatar Masters on the European Tour. Beating a pretty impressive field to win his 3rd European Tour title, and his 6th win as a professional. He is now ranked 39th in the world and he is only 21 years of age. Say no more this kid is the real deal, and he has the swing to match.


I posted his swing on my Instagram page, so if you’re a looking for a reference point to what I am saying be sure to check the clip out.


What I really like is how he sets himself up in his backswing, by loading club reasonably early into the back of the right wrist, he does not hinge the wrists up like so many amateurs do. When this is done correctly it will make the club face appear closed (as it does a little in the clip) and as well makes the left wrist flatten out.


This also helps set the right arm very well, as it never gets behind him. And all of this is supported by a nice hip turn going back.


With all of this going on he gets to a place in his backswing that asks for an aggressive transition. Along with so many young players, Mr Wang is another example of player that can see real benefit of reacting aggressively to the ball, and the best way to be aggressive is by using your hip turn and core rotation to lead your downswing.


Notice how open his body is at impact.


By no means is this golf swing perfect, but it is set up within some great parameters so that he can just ‘play the game’, he is delaying the release of the club with his hands in front of his body, but the club is striking the ball from inside. This helps to develop a great sense of where the face is and allows reaction to the target to become much easier, especially under pressure.


There is a great video of this young man hitting driver as hard as he likes via the European tour, have a look and you’ll get a greater picture. Remember he was doing it all while leading the tournament.


Here is the link to the video –


What Jeung-hun Wang does in his golf swing is not an overnight build, what he does needs to be understood to be owned properly (under pressure). But with that said, obtaining a golf swing like this is more about the journey then the end product, as the journey will still see you still playing the game and getting better, thinking of the product will not.


Look for more great things from this kid.


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