LATEST POSTS 6 December 2016
Thorbjorn’s Most Important Move


Thorbjorn Olsen has been playing some brilliant golf of late, having recorded two of his biggest wins in the span of a month, including the World Cup of Golf. Here is what I think.


Oleson is a brilliant example of what modern young players are achieving with their drivers that allows for distance and accuracy, though mainly in Thorbjorn’s case distance (this is a blog relating to my recent Instagram post). I am not going to write that he is as good a driver of the ball as say Rory, Dustin Johnson or Adam Scott, but he does have one thing in common with those guys that can help everyone, and helps all of them control their incredible power.


That one thing is that their head does not back up or away from the target through impact, its such a small thing, but such an important fundamental for everyone, and especially if you have a lot of power or are looking to find more distance.


These players mentioned are very gifted athletes, and make great moves in transition into their downswings, moves that not every can be expected to make. But to make life easier with the driver we owe it to ourselves to find a way, find a set up and put some time in so as we are not backing up with any club, most importantly the driver.


If it means setting up a little more behind the driver, or maybe teeing it down lower, or even getting your hands a little more forward at address. Its important if you really want to get better at playing golf that you remove this damaging move from your game.


Not only is it important for releasing the club better, the further back that head goes the more potential there is for the toe of the club to flip over through the hit, but its important for the health of your body. Tiger Woods and Jason Day both have struggled with injuries and bad backs in recent times, and I believe it has a lot to do with the fact their head is moving in the opposite direction of their lower body in the down swing, putting lots of pressure on the back.


So get on this, check your set up, do some work on it, film your swing front on (the most important but not so fun view)…. Get on top of this and watch your miss hits get better!




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