22nd November 2016
The Swing Guy on Hip Turn

The Swing Guy on Hip Turn   How we turn with our lower body can have such a dramatic effect on the shots we hit. More so, the better the lower body moves the more potential for both distance and accuracy. We see the best ballstrikers in the world regularly display the best lower body moves. From Rory Mcilroy, Dustin Johnson and Adam Scott, to name a few we see great wind ups and then great unwinds, which see them leading the ballstriking categories on tour consistently each year.   For so many of us though, attaining such a turn is probably beyond our reach, unless we are still a teenager or have no job to go to. But, with


22nd November 2016
Why Henrik Stenson’s Golf Clubs Are Smart

Why Henrik Stenson’s Golf Clubs Are Smart   When I look at Henrik Stenson’s golf game, here is what I see. There are the obvious things, like he is a big strong guy who is a great ball striker, he makes very little mistakes and when he plays well his game looks almost robotic. But what I also see is a very smart set of golf clubs that allow him to play a really good kind of conservative aggressive golf.   Starting with that famous 3 wood that he uses so often and so well. This club almost replaces Henrik’s driver to some extent, and given his well documented struggles with the driver some years back its no surprise. Technically


5th November 2016
How Justin Thomas Can Help Us All

  Justin Thomas is pound for pound one of the longest hitters on tour. Not only that, he is a 23-year-old with 2 PGA tour wins and about $8 million in prize money, so not only does the kid hit it a mile he can flat out play as well. And so of course, there is a lot that we can learn from him.   So before I tell you how to become more like Justin Thomas and how it can help your ball striking, I want to remind you of all the potential things that he has that you do not. Starting with the obvious ones, like youth, strength, flexibility and no day job, he also has all the



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