10th October 2016
The Easiest Way to Make a Change

When it comes to actual change and being able to improve a lot of us just don’t have the time. We have been doing what we have been doing for so long that to change it could take us months and even years. The habits we have in our golf swings are very well trained in, so well trained that we may not even want them to change to quickly or else we may not be able to use said changes when it matters most. There is one thing that we can change that may allow us to improve our golf swings at the right pace, without having to hit bucket after bucket of range balls. What I am talking


5th October 2016
What We Can Learn From The US Ryder Cup Team

What we can learn from the US Ryder Cup team   In this year’s Ryder Cup it was the United States team who came into the contest with the stronger side. Leaving out the world no.7 Bubba Watson showed the depth of quality players they had, and also they had much more experience in Ryder Cups amongst their team members. During the contest, the players on the US team were just that ‘players’. That meaning that the art of the game is anything but lost on them. They were a team of great competitors, great scramblers, good putters and maybe most importantly a team of vastly different golf swings. This team knew how to play exceptional golf, but also knew



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