31st July 2016
What Is Great Rhythm

As the PGA championship slowly comes to a close, with Jimmy Walker still out in front, and all the pressure that comes with trying to win a Major Championship, I wanted to discuss rhythm. Jimmy Walker has some of the best rhythm on the PGA tour but also is a prime example of a player that relies heavily on rhythm during his golf swing. The technicalities I won’t discuss now, except that he uses his hands to square the face at impact a lot more then most of the top players, hence the need for good rhythm. Firstly, there is one big myth for when it comes to creating good rhythm, and that is to swing easy. Lots of amateurs


28th July 2016
How To Get More Club Head Speed

I think that most will agree that hitting the golf ball farther makes the game easier. Of course it doesn’t guarantee accuracy, but being able to play a 3 wood when your competitors need a driver, helps, just ask Henrik Stenson. So what I am writing about here is a product from Super Speed Golf, which is still relatively new, which I believe is the most effective way to gain club head speed, which means more distance. I am not however going to write about the science behind the product, you can find that on their website, but what I am going to write about is the potential benefits of this product from a golf instructor’s point of view. I



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