14th August 2017
Justin Thomas Talk (PGA Champion)

With Justin Thomas winning the PGA Championship over the weekend I thought it appropriate to write a few things about the him and importantly his golf swing.   I have been a fan of Justin Thomas for a long time, he has that perfect combination of grit and class, not to mention a very underrated putting stroke and a great group of friends.   There are so many things you could attribute to Thomas winning a major, I believe spending so much time with fellow players and friends Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler helps, but what I want to talk about is his golf swing.   Justin Thomas is another one of these young players who has come out on


22nd June 2017
A One Way Miss

You need to improve what you’ve got so it becomes a one way miss, not just hit shots avoiding one side.


27th March 2017
What the World Match Play Final Showed Us

There is something in the swings of PGA tour players that is slowly starting to trend in a very obvious way. It has also started to gain a lot of attention in teaching circles all over the world. And now, after seeing Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm playing the world match play final, and be arguably the two hottest players in the world right now, I thought I would weigh in on my thoughts about it. And most importantly how it works and how it may help the average golfer.   What I am talking about is the very obvious wrist position that both Dustin and Rahm share, what is commonly known as a bowed left or lead wrist.  


15th March 2017
Lesson Exert On The Start To Better Ballstriking

The following is something I wrote for one of my lessons and thought it might be worth sharing.   The way I teach is that in almost all cases a player should get to a point where they can draw the ball consistently (starting outside target line). If you are a fader of the ball, which you may be, please hear me out on this.   The journey to better ball striking starts with a draw because we swing the club around our bodies and so it only makes sense that the club will come from inside the ball and have a rate of closure through impact that creates a draw pattern. We see the majority of professionals often playing


23rd February 2017
Pick a Better Short Game Model

At the moment there is this constant talk around the short game that we all should be using the bounce when we chip. Teaching players to use the bounce at all cost almost, with somewhat of a disregard to what the most efficient technique should involve.   A great chipping technique should support a great full swing, by basically being a shorter version of the full swing.   We must remember that the bounce is only used, or only comes into play out of poor lies or bunkers. It is there to aid you only when it is required, and it becomes a part of the shot as a result of good technique or how you set the club up.


15th February 2017
Youth On PGA Tour and Their Swings

There is some pretty impressive youth on the PGA Tour right now. Or should I say these days, as this is not just a phase this youth, but what I think will become the norm. Particularly young guys winning as well.   The young guys I want to talk about here can really hit it to, some would call them explosive and maybe even unorthodox, regardless they have all won on tour doing what they do.   The group I am talking about include – Spieth, Jon Rahm, DJ, Koepka and Daniel Berger.   I could go on, there are more that would fit in this group. The group I am referring to are young players who have a flat


5th February 2017
Adam Hadwin Swing Analysis

It may seem fairly obvious why I have chosen Adam Hadwin for this swing analysis, he shot 59 a few weeks ago. But the other reason is because some years ago, when he and I were both playing on the Canadian Tour, I had the pleasure of playing with Adam. And so, since then I have paid a reasonably close attention to his progression to the PGA tour and now to a player everyone knows about.   I remember at the time I played with Adam. He was one of the hottest players on the Canadian tour, and I was definitely not, and so playing with him was something I was very much excited about because I saw it as


1st February 2017
Jung-han Wang One To Watch

Jeung-hun Wang just won the Qatar Masters on the European Tour. Beating a pretty impressive field to win his 3rd European Tour title, and his 6th win as a professional. He is now ranked 39th in the world and he is only 21 years of age. Say no more this kid is the real deal, and he has the swing to match.   I posted his swing on my Instagram page, so if you’re a looking for a reference point to what I am saying be sure to check the clip out.   What I really like is how he sets himself up in his backswing, by loading club reasonably early into the back of the right wrist, he does


16th January 2017
Rory’s Bad Back

Before I really get going here, I would like to say that I am one of Rory Mcilroy’s biggest fans. When he really goes, I don’t believe anyone can go with him, he has that extra gear that can only be put down to some kind of x factor. And so, I write this more out of concern then criticism. (also he is a brilliant human on top of his golfing abilities)   After finishing second in the South African Open, losing to Graeme Storm in a play-off, with what I saw as his B game (maybe even C game) it was released that Rory will be undergoing an MRI on his back that was apparently troubling him throughout the


3rd January 2017
Jon Rahm Swing Analysis

The reasons I’m doing Jon Rahm for my next swing analysis is that I believe he has a very bright future in the game and that he has a very brilliant, but unique, golf swing.   Jon Rahm got his PGA tour card through sponsors invites, which I think speaks volumes for not only his golf game but the character of the young man, there has not been many who have been able to achieve this feat. He would be my pick for the PGA tour’s rookie of the year this year.   When I look at Jon Rahm’s golf swing I see a combination of Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson. But also, I see a lot of moves in



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